5 Steps to

Customer Service Glory

1. Find out what your

customer wants

Ask your customer about his situation, needs and wishes directly on your website.


Find out the things that are particularly important to him and the date of his needs.

2. Ask your customer how to contact him

By starting to ask little information, you will also hook those customers, who only want to take a look first.

The customer will complete his information at a later stage.

3. Consult customers personally, as if they were standing in front of you

Send out just the specific information customers are interested in.

Shine with expertise and show your customer that you are the one who really understands him - crosschannel.

4. Strengthen the ties with your customer

Create trust in partnership through direct, personal and regular email communication.

Make sure that you are one of the few dealers the customer finally visits in store.

5. Receive your customer for a consultation on site

With the integrated appointment tool, the customer can make an appointment directly with your sales consultant.

Your sales staff already knows the expectations to approach the sales conversation in a completely new customer-driven way.


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