About us

Our mission:

We simplify the product selection for complex purchase decisions

People take countless decisions every day. We make sure these are easy for customers of complex and high-investment products such as kitchens. By providing technology that eases the pre-selection process.


Retailers also face constant changing consumer behaviour and media usage. Thanks to our plug & play solutions we ensure that they are ahead of the market. In order for them to fully focus on their core competencies.

Our job: qualitative, quantitative and iterative

Our decision-makers are the customers. Together with them, we try out new concepts qualitatively through observed, guided interviews and in the context of real purchase situations.


Based on their feedback we identify recurring patterns from individual opinions to gradually improve our solutions.


Our tools are never finalized. We iterate conversion-critical details in production and continuously improve them through statistically validated A / B tests.

Rooted in Stuttgart,

internationally at home

Since our foundation, we have endeavored to set up our resources remotely and flexibly. Our corporate language is English. We are looking for the best in their field and in return we offer full flexibility.


Our team members are Indians, Uruguayans and Berliners. And French people who live in Spain or Baden people who moved to Swabia.

Conversional GmbH

visitor's address: Lautenschlagerstr. 16, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany

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